GeoConvos Facilitator Quick Guide [alpha]

The most up-to-date copy of this the GeoConvos facilitator guide can be found here.

What is GeoConvos?

Ge●o●con●vos /geo’kanvoz/ Noun
A set of activities to support reflecting on learning, meaning making, and engagement that involves location and movement (geo) and discussion or conversation (convos).

Why a Facilitator Quick Guide?

Our GeoConvos teams has collaboratively developed this quick guide to make it easy for you (educators and program facilitators) to try out these activities. The activities are great for supporting program participants in reflecting on their learning, meaning making, and engagement when involved in educational programming.

How to use this guide?
The purpose of the quick guide is to get you up and running with one or more of the GeoConvos activities as quickly as possible.

This guide includes “quick” instructions for six GeoConvos activities.

Included is a description for facilitating each activity. The descriptions are no more than 3-pages long. In other words, they’re quick reads for quick implemention. Each activity guide is meant to be read on its own, so feel free to skip around and try out whatever activities make sense for your program needs. More information on adapting these activities, documenting participants’ responses, and using the activities for evaluation purposes can be found in the GeoConvos Advanced Facilitator Guide (coming Spring 2018).

Activities in this guide:

How Did You Get Here?

Imagined Futures


Text and Response


Five Photos Back

All Activities: