Resources for Educators

Developing methods for better understanding youth learning experiences and pathways was one of the original goals of the GeoConvos project–even before the name “GeoConvos” was adapted. After testing GeoConvos activities, gathering feedback, and discussion with the team, we begin to focus more on how GeoConvos could be translated into an evaluation tool for informal educators working with teens.

A primary goal of the pilot phase (GeoConvos 2.0) was to develop a working toolkit for facilitators to use to examine the learning experience of their teens. The toolkit has been expanded, some sections are better than others, and it is very much a work in progress. Like Hive Chicago, the GeoConvos team believes in working in the open, and so the current draft of the GeoConvos Facilitator Toolkit can be found here: 

We welcome any and all feedback on GeoConvos activities and resources: