This site is a resource for the GeoConvos, a project that has been funded by the Hive Fund for Connected Learning at the Chicago Community Trust.

We have created the term “geoconvos” to refer to our project. This refers to our use of embodied conversations and specialized tools which includes maps, full body activities, and mobile technologies as tools for understanding learning.


Since 2013, the Chicago History Museum Department of Education and Nathan Philips, assistant professor at the College of Education of the University of Illinois at Chicago have collaborated on this project by developing and conducting embodied conversations with teens, former teen participants, and museum staff.

This project seeks to identify, design, and support learning pathways for youth that extend into their futures and allow for embodied engagements with the past. Embodied conversations engage whole bodies in learning interaction. These activities include use of drawings and maps to discover learning pathways through physical and digital spaces; use of movement and five senses for a higher level of understanding, retention, and comprehension; and use of mobile technologies to engage with the city.


Learn more about the project development as we practice working in the open. See our process blog here.

Thank you for checking out #geoconvos!

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